I conduct workshops to assist people dealing with their abandoment issues. I find the best number of participants in these workshops are round 6-8 . This number creates an environment of safety, caring, empathy and compassion where people can share their feelings and issues in a supportive atmosphere. These workshops equip people with skills to manage, heal and integrate their abandonment issues. The journey to integrate past hurts that impact on our present requires self committment and dedication. My workshops provide informaiton, exercises, meditation and sharing with others. Participants receive a workbook and sugessted reading list to assist in their future personal development and healing.

Workshops are conducted in Sydney, Brisbane, Byron Bay and other places by arrangement where there are enough particpants.

My qualifications are as follows: Bachelor of Arts ( Welfare Studies); Certificate in Somatic Psychotherpay ; Reiki Practitioner; Emoitional Thought Field Practitioner. I also conduct my own therapeutic practice.

I have 34 years experience working in the social welfare field in the following areas: community development; disability services; Local Government services; social justice and human rights servcices; legal and medical Tribunals.

My philosophy is that each person is responsible for their own personal development and healing. My aim as a therapist is to facilitate and asssit those willing and wishing to heal to find self love, confidence, peace and integration within themselves.

In the words of Chogyam Trungpa - " The basic work of psychotherapists is to become full human beings and to inspire full human beingness in others "

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