Identity Crisis

A break-up often prompts an identity crisis and many feel “being dumped” has branded them as a failure. You may begin to worry about how others see you.

Do they think there’s something wrong with you, that you carry a defective gene that makes you unlovable? Some start to worry that these imagined deficiencies show on the outside for the entire world to see.

A crisis may precipitate feelings of detachment, wondering where and to whom we belong , what is our role and place in the world , feelings of being “out of step” and perhaps holding a perception of others organised and smooth sailing lives. This can be particularly so for adopted persons who may have a life long struggle of becoming comfortable in the world and knowing “their place”.

If/when an adoptee has a reunion with their birth family members; they then face an adjustment of managing the complex dynamics inherent in their relationships with birth family and adoptive family members.

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