Impotent Rage

Impotent rage results in it’s own type of anger in abandonment. Your anger at this stage is victim rage: that useless flailing into space; those ineffective assaults upon pillows, dishes, figurines.

These behaviours indicate that you have become the object of your own rage which is a form of frustration. Abandonment survivors often have trouble controlling their aggression during this stage. It is as if the child within has taken over. Sometimes it comes out in tears. Other times you simply explode- usually when you least expect it, and often at people who aren’t at all to blame.

Perhaps you may also find yourself making unrealistic emotional demands upon others. There may be an expectation that others in your life compensate for the nurturing and love you so sorely miss. There may be the need to endlessly talk and discuss with those close to us, the journey from intact relationship to the explosion that has taken place in our lives.

This may also include the implosion which takes place in our heart, psyche and impacts our physical, mental and emotional well being.

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